Top Best Affordable Pakistani Private Touring Agencies to make Your Trip Memorable

In this age of hurry and rush, it is really hard to find time to plan our Tours and then execute them. Most of us kept planning to visit North, Kashmir , Swat Valley , Chitral Valley , Gilgit Baltistan , Sakrdu  and many other historical places, but shortage of time and money always make our plan fail.

In the recent years, many private touring companies have made their entry to fulfill your dreams and quest to explore and wander the nature, from Adventure level Activities to simple sight seeing tours, these Private Tours Agents will make your dream come true.

We are sharing a list of all Top Pakistani Private Tour Companies below. We are not ranking any company/agent higher than other. All have some pros and cons to discuss in detail. We will make another post to review all best companies based in Pakistan.

You can check the facebook pages of these agents/companies and see the upcoming events and details of events. Every company shares his complete itinerary and package cost with food details to be served.

Top Private Pakistani Touring Agencies/Companies

Now a days , it has become a trend to hit the audience on facebook. These private agencies are also working on the same strategy. In fact , most of these agencies are based on facebook. They simply create an event on their company page and then boost the page to target maximum clients in big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Rawalpindi , Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranawal and Karachi.

About 80% of these agencies are based in Lahore. They are working from Lahore and pick their members from Islamabad/Rawalpindi on their way to destination.

1- Climax Adventure Pakistan

Fb page : Climax Adventure Pakistan

Events Link:  Upcoming Events

2-The Trekkerz

Lahore Based Company.

FB : The Trekkerz

Upcoming Events : Events

3- Paramount Adventure Club

Facebook page Link : Paramount Adventure Club

Upcoming Events of PAC : Evenets

4-My Trips

A new company in the Market, still struggling for making a solid name in the Market.

facebook : My Trips

Events : My Trips Upcoming Events

5- Swat Adventure Club

We provide:
Professional Guides, Hotels, AdventureSportsActivities, Transport, On-site Complete Cooking Camping Photography
Specialized in:
Family & Friends|Corporate|Honeymoon|Customized Trip or Event in Swat
Swat: 03453075679 | ISB: 03335760105

facebook : Swat Adventure Club

Events : Upcoming Events

6- Tour in Pakistan

facebook page


7-Tripkoo Tourist Pakistan


8- Trekkers Club

Facebook page link of Trekkers Club : TC

9-Travelore Adventures

Visit fb page of Travelore Adventures

10- Silver Mountain Tours

Silver Mountain Tours

11- Adventurer Treks and Tours

Adventurer Treks and Tours

12- TripPlanner


13-Mashabrum Adventure Club

Mashabrum Adventure Club

14- RY Travel &Tours

RY Travel &Tours

15-My Planet Tourism Services

16- Himaliya Tours

Himaliya Tours

17- 93 Travelers and Tour Planners

93 Travelers and Tour Planners

18- The Hiking Hunt

19-Adventures Explorer

20-Royal Adventures

21-GH Travel & Tours

22-Bon Aventures



25-Valley Walkers

26-Karakarom Guides Pakistan

27- Alis Travel & Tours

28-Event Guardians

29-Dè Tourista – Pakistan


31-Heaven Quester

32-Sair Sapata Pakistan

33-Discover Pakistan

34-Dream Casters Adventure Club

35- Touristan

36-Falcon Adventure Club

37-Tafreeh Adventure Club – TAC

38-Punjab Adventure Club

39-Pakistan Adventure Club

40-Peacock Adventure Club



43-The Nomads

44-Travellerz 360

45-Travel n Learn

46-The Treks & Tours Club

47- Directions

48- Tourist Squad

49- Wonder World Adventure Club

50- Finden Club

51- La-Funters

52- Trip Manager

53- Limitless Adventurers

54- Milky Way Tours and Travels

55-Pk Tourism

56- Northern Light Travels – Private Limited

57- Mamaa’s Travel and Tourism

58- MakeaTour.Pk

59- Pakistan Explorers

60- Shaheen Adventures Pakistan

61-Concordia Trackers

62- Checkin.Pk