The Stunning Photos of Snow Covered Ayobia Hill Station and Ghora Dhaka

Ayobia is one of the most attractive tourist resort in the Galiyat region. Ayubia hills station is located in Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, northern Pakistan. In 1984, Ayubia was declared a national park and later on it was named “Ayubia National Park” by the name of Pakistan’s late president Muhammad Ayub Khan.

Ayubia is a beautiful place in the world due to natural beauty and ideal weather. Ayubia is one of the places in Pakistan to visit, and have full tourists attractions.

Chair Lift Ayobia:

Ayobia Chair list is one of the main tourist attractions among many others. Chair Lift of Ayobia covers about 3KM distance from Main Point of Ayobia to Ghora Dhaka. Ghora Dhaka or Ghora Dakka is the highest point in Ayobia National Park.

Chair Lift fair is only Rs. 200/person while in winters , when the whole track of chair lift is covered with snow – you can can enjoy hiking this distance.

The scenes mountains covered in snow and trees, monkeys on the way and natural flora adds more beauty to the chair lift.

Ghora Dhakka is the village or point where Chair Lift ends. Ghora Dakka ha now become a beautiful tourist spot with many shops of snacks, drinks, samosas, pakoras along many other edibles.

These photos of Ayobia National Park will temptate you to visit this beautiful spot in the Galiyat region.

Travel Guide Ayobia:

You can reach Ayobia by two routes.

1- From Abbotabad

2-From Murree

The route to Ayobia turns dangerous as you leave main highway. The main road which leads to Nathia Galli and Abbotabad is much safe, but when you leave this road to Ayobia it gets much scary. The single road is not in its original shape. Many ditches and dangerous moves are hell terrifying. Above all, you can go to this place on you bike, mehran and whatever you afford to take without any fear.

Food and Hotels :

Many hotels and restaurants provides you the best food food and snacks at pretty affordable rates.

In Winters – the road and other spots get much slippery, just buy a pair of socks there in fifty rupees and cover your shoes with it. IT will hold the ice and make you stable.

A beautiful view of Ayobia
A beautful view of PTDC Motel Ayobia
A beautiful view of Ayobia
Along the way of Chair Lift
Ayobia Chair Lift and Mountains of Ayobia National Park
Ayobia National Park
Chair Lift Ayobia and Ayobia city in backdrop
Chair Lift Ayobia National Park
Chair Lift Ayobia
Ghora Dhakka in Ayob National National Park
PTDC Motel covered in Snow
snow man on the way to Ayobia from Murree side
Snow track leading to Ghora Dhakka
The stunning view of mountains from Ayobia National Park
Tourists enjoying at Chair Lift
Tourists enjoying snow balls at Ghora Dhaka Ayobia