The Snow Covered Mushkpuri Top Photos will leave you astounded

The latest photos of Mushkpuri Top , the 2nd highest hill station in the Galliat. Mushkpuri Top is located in the Galyat region in the Abbotabbad district of KPK. Mushkpuri track is very famous for having an amazing and lush green scenery on the trekking rail.

The nature enthusiasts, hardcore backpackers and seasonal travelers have great attraction of this trekking trail. Mostly expeditions are done in summer. In winter, only hardcore trekkers and hikers dare to explore the fully snow covered track and peak of Mushkpuri.

The photos shared below were taken on 14th of January 2016 by Tamoor Khan, a tourist from Islamabad.

Snow Covered Mushkpuri Top :

Mushkpuri top in winter 2016-17

The below Jaw-dropping photo was captured by Muhammad Usman Khawar:

Mukshpuri Top receives some seriously heavy snowfall yesterday.Sunshine is delicious,rain is refreshing,wind braces us up,snow is exhilarating,there is really no such thing as bad weather,only different kinds of good weather.

میں اکیلا ہی چلا تھا جانبِ منزل مگر
لوگ ساتھ آتے گئے اور کارواں بنتا گیا

Caption by Usman Khawar Member of Karakoram Culb

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