Shogran and Siri Paye Meadows: A Wonderful Place to visit in Kaghan Valley of Pakistan

Previously , I published an article on the Head Trimmu or Trimmu Baraage in Travel Blog category. Now, I thought to write about the Northern Areas of Pakistan. When we talk about Northern Areas of Pakistan, our mind start imagining the beautiful mountains, plateaus, cliffs, lush green meadows, hiking trails, stunning lakes, huge glaciers, frozen lakes ,cold breeze coming from the tall trees cliffed high on the mountains. All these imaginations force us to leave our comfort zones and witness the nature.

Though its hard to take time from your busy life full of hustle and bustle, but if you have an adventourous and traveling passing inside to explore the beautiful nature, you get the oppertunities to go to the places keep dreaming of all the time.

In the same way, I got chance to explore the stunning and wonderful tourist and nature lovers spot in in the Kaghan Valley i.e; Shogran, Siri Lake and Paye Meadows with Pace 2 Life Welfare Foundation.

The point at main national highway where the road leads to Shogran and siri paye
mist,clouds and mountains

Free Medical Camp at Balakot:

We left Lahore in Friday for medical camp organized by Pace 2 Life Welfare foundation, a foundation established by a disable person to help the disable and deserving persons. Mr. Waqas is the CEO of the foundation and  is very efficient and active in helping the needy.

We held an successful medical camp at Kot Bhala ( a village adjacent to Balakot city) for disabled persons and Gyane. After the hectic routine of the day, we stayed at the home town of Mr. Waqas in Balakot. That night also brought us much fun with bonfire in cold and under full moon night. That was much fun gossiping about medical, travel, nature and specially about trekking and hiking in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The next day on Sunday, we headed towards to Kiwai, the place where you leave the main Naran-Kaghan road and move upwards to Shogran.

AT the main spot of Paye

Kiwai :

Kiwai is a very beautiful and attractive place on the Naran road. Tourists heading to Naran and Kaghan GB, unintentiosionally make a stay here. The traditional Char Pais and chairs are kept in the waters coming from the mountains in streams.

We almost got much late reaching at Kiwai. It was 1:30 PM while we hired  jeeps to  start our expedition to Shogran,Siri and Paye.

A four by four jeep is must to reach up to the Paye meadows. No big vehicle and cars can bear the jolts of muddy road next to Shogran. If you just want to stay in a hotel at Shogran, you can go at your  car , jeep etc. The road till Shogran is in good condition and you can reach there easily.

mist and mountains at Siri Paye

Shogran :

Shogran is very beautiful place for normal and general tourists seeking hotels and motels. Mobile networks work well at Shogran.Shogran is not a big city or place. Shogran is located on the green plateu about 7749 feet above the sea level. It took us hardly 20 minutes to reach at Shogran. Kids, Young people and old a like were enjoying at the greenery of the Shogran. After having a short stay at Shogran, we continued our journey to Siri Lake. Siri is small lake on the way to Paye Meadows. A very few people stay there, mostly take the views from jeeps and continue to travel.

A view of Shogran on the way to paye meadows

Paye Meadows:

The road from Shogran to Paye Medows is hell of muddy and bone-cracker. You can not sit in the jeep without holding some support in the jeep. Only expert local jeep drivers can took you to the top of Paye Meadows.

In other case you can hike from Kiwai to Shogran or can go at jeep till Shogran and then can hike up to the Paye meadows. We saw many  trekkers male and females who were returning back to Shogran by hiking. I wish I could hike. It is really hell of fun hiking at this trail. High raising trees making three stems over the road, mountains , mist , and clouds provide a majestic environment at the trail.

Pakistani flag at Paye Meadows

Paye Meadows:

Paye Meadows ( often Siri Paye Meadows) is the most beautiful tourist spot in the Kaghan Valley. The white backdrop of Makra Peak adds extra beauty and attraction to this place. It took us about one hour to reach Paye Meadows. Luckily , we faced no rain on the way, in case of rain, the track become too slippery and dangerous to drive and walk.

The temperature at top of Paye Meadows was almost ice cold. Many of us had no upper, shawl , jacket or any warm thing to keep us warm. Many of us started shivering and our teeth were rattling. This kept on untill we were served by hot coffee ( resembling tea) at 80 rupees per cup.

The rates of tea, coffee,cold drinks and other edibles are extremely high as no one is there to ask about this.  After some time we  served with Biryani yes Biryani !! we took with us from Balakot. The taste of Biryani was superb.

Paye meadows is  place every body must pay a visit to it. A lage variety of flowers, the clouds over the lush green meadow, the aroma of nature , hose grazing in the meadows and backdrop Makra Peak cast a spell over the beauty of Paye Meadows and is a big reason why you should leave your hectic routines in the hustles and bustles of big cities and spend some leisurely time in the serene of Paye Meadows.

The views of Mountains are so mind-boggling from Paye Meadows. You see snow covered mountains in the North, hard rocks in south and green mountains in the East.

After you have made your mind visiting Shogran , Siri and Paye , You will be needing these travel tips

The lush green Paye Meadows
Backpackers Life Style
The epic pic I captured at Paye meadows ( Look Closely )
Horse riding at the green meadows of Paye
Mountains reflecting beautiful view from paye

Best Time to Visit Shogran, Siri Paye Meadows :

We visited Siri Paye Meadows in October and it was much fun to be there.

Summer : June to October

In winter : You have to hike from Kiwai to Paye Meadows as you will face and see only snow and snow on the route and mountains. Hard core trekkers and backpackers take risk and enjoy the snowy trail  and let me tell it is great fun daring this. A life time memory you will make doing this adventure..


grand selfie at Paye Meadows before leaving back to Balakot

Jeep Fair :

You have to book a whole jeep from Kiwai that will take you to the Shogran and then Paye Meadows. Maximum eight people can adjust in a jeep. The fair in the summer ranges from 3000 t0 4000 depending on your way of bargain and season.

4 by 4 jeeps running on the muddy track of Siri Paye

Rent a Tent on Paye Meadows :

Tents are available at Paye Meadows at high prices. But, if you are a group of 8-9 people it will be affordable.

Always seek other travelers and tourists to share jeep, tents and hotels if you are traveling solo or in a group of two. This will save you a lot of pennies to visit more places and explore more nature.

Pictures are taken with simple mobile as forgot to take my camera with me.

Tents service available at Paye Meadows for night stay