Into the Serene of Chitral Gol National Park Chitral KPK Pakistan

Into the Serene of Chitral Gol National Park Chitral ,KPK ,Pakistan.


Gol National Park Chitral

Nature has always been calm, cool, mesmerizing and soothing for the human beings and especially, for nature lovers. The curiosity to explore the nature never ends, and nature always surprises in its own ravishing way. The desire to see the amazing nature, took us to the one of the most beautiful and astonishing National Park, Chitral Gol National Park, Chitral.

The Chitral Air port located along side the River Chitral

Chitral Gol National Park is located in the Northern District of Chitral, KPK, Pakistan. Chitral Gol National Park is situated in the beautiful valley of Chitral. Chitral Gol is a narrow valley, its gorge running for some 18km before broadening out into a basin surrounded by high peaks. Numerous tributaries drain into the Chitral Gol, which flows southwards into the Kunar River.

About 90 minutes away from Chitral Town, the park is surrounded by pine trees and is spread over 78 square kilometers – this means the park area is about 7,750 hectares.

Chitral Gol National Park is located about 5000 meters above sea level right over the Chitral city. The Gol National Park is famous for its Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan. If you got lucky you will either see many Markhor goats  and mostly they are found at some higher points inaccessible by humans.

Chitral valley as seen from Gol National Park

It was our 2nd day at Chitral city, totally boring with no proper plans and guides in minds After getting information from locals about the places to visit in neighborhood of Chitral city. The day was hot and scorching in the mid of May at Chitral. Finally, we headed to Bus station, near a famous bridge over Chitral river to leave back to Lahore with great disappointment of the locals response at proving any proper information regarding places to visit. But, while taking tickets from the bus station, we met the co-owner of the bus station ( just forgot the name 🙁  ..) .

snow covered peaks in Afganistan

We got an overwhelming response from the Mazhar ( supposed name). He advised us not to waste the full day as the coasters only leave once at 8 A.M morning. So , generously, we had the full day and night at Chitral. Mazhar uncle insisted us to must Chitral Gol National Park. So, we made our minds and asked him to arrange a jeep or car for us to go at Gol Park. He, with, typically Chitrali way called to his friends to arrange a fout by four jeep as soon as possible.

He, soon , arranged a mini jeep in 2500/- PKR for two persons. Normally, the rates are hit high about 3500-4000/-. We thanked Mazhar uncle for his overwhelm hospitality and help in making our day useful.

The road to Gol Park is much narrow and steep , yet highly risky in the rain. Soon after leaving the main Chitral city, we found our self zig-zagging on the dangerous and bumpy road in the Park.

The road is a hell amazing and adrelanine stimulator for adventour lovers . I still can feel the cold air coming from the emerging high mountain peaks and lush green flora covering the mountains of park.

PTDC lodges in Gol National Park Chitral

The 1.5 hours journey is totally a great fun with stunning views of Chitral cirt, Hindukush mountains and the park itself.

The scenic of Chitral Valley from the Gol National Park is as beautiful as heaven. The airport, Shahi Fort, Shahi Masjid and old bazar present a great panoramic view.

We reached at the PTDC resort beautfully constructed besides the sloppy meadows and plateau. The lodges were empty and in misery state. No official was there, there was a washroom there with no water at all.

The real lodge/resort built by Mahtars of Chitral was a little above from the newly constructed PTDC motels. It took  us about 20 mints of a sloppy trek from the meadows to reach Mahtar`s build resort.

Hindukush mountain range is the second largest mountain range in Pakistan

The temperature here was much low as compared to below city. The cool brezze embraced us there. The driver and Haji sahb who volunteerly accompanied us got busy in taking photos of fort and scenery.

In summer, the Mahtars of Chitral used to stay here. A government servant was residing there now, and was not open to public. Only officials could stay and visit the fort inside. Though, in much miser condition, the majesty of place still shines out.

Camping here  would be the best thing for nature and adventure lovers. Don`t miss to visit Gol National Park diring your visit to Chitral Valley

This was the highest point in the Gol National Park. Here, you can capture the highest peak of Hindukush Mountains, the might Tirich Mir in the North, the might peaks of Afghanistan in West and the Chitral Valley in the South.

For a moment, we felt like we are not on Earth, roaming an flying in heaven. The more we spend time there, the more we got in love with nature. My quest of exploring nature boosted more and made my mind to come to this place as many times as I could come in future.

The far pavilions

The national park is not only home to the ibex and fox, but also of great historical importance and an irresistible tourist attraction. The Barmogh Lusht part of the park is where the Mehtar’s summer palace is located. The Mehtar and his family use to move here in the summer and hold court. The palace was constructed in such a way that they could overlook the entire city. It is said that if the area was under attack, the summer palace was the safest place to be. There are also a few trenches surrounding the palace.

The fort becomes important for tourists as the park management often has to face water shortages and get water from the palace – which is one and a half kilometre away.


Animals living in Chitral Gol National Park

1. Snow Leopard

2. Kashmiri Markhor

3. Siberian Ibex

4. Ladakh Urial

5. Black Bear

6. Tibetan Wolf

7. Red Fox

8. Yellow throated Marten

9. Himalayan Otter

10. Lammergeier Vulture

11. Himalayan Griffon Vulture

12. Golden Eagle

13. Demoisille Crane (Passage migrant)

14. Peregrine Falcon

15. Himalayan Snowcock

16. Himalayan Monal

17. Snow Partridge

18. Rock Partridge