The Historical Malka Hans Town : Exploring the Masjid Waris Shah and Ancient Temples of Asia

The land of Punjab is rich in culture, customs, traditions and with great Punjabi poets.  Malka Hans is a big village on the inter-city route of Sahiwal-Pakpattan. Th village has now turned to a big town with all necessary facilities like schools for both girls and boys, a big hospital, bazars, paved metal roads, transport and other basics necessities of life.

Malka Hans is located in the Pakpattan Diistrict ( The City of Hazart Fareed Ganjshakr (R.A) a great saint and reformer) . The town is just 10 minutes away from the main Pakpattan city at Sahiwal-Pakpattan road. The town can also be reached from Sahiwal ( about 30KM) with a 30 min smooth drive at main highway.

Malka Hans: An historical Town

Malka Hans is an historical town with ancient historical history. Malka Hans has been the territory of Hans tribe. It saw its rising in the 17th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor Alamgir. The history of Hans tribe itself so ancient and links to the Arabs ( as told by natives). But, for convienece and  historical point of view a native told that in the court of Alamgir , Sheikh Kutab attained some influence as teacher. Alamgir is said to have bestowed upon Sheikh Kutb, a Sanad and several villages as Jaagir that formed part of the Taluka of Kutbabad (a site little south of present day Malka Hans). Kutbabad with the fertility of three streams of Para, Sohag and Dhaddar added to the riches of Sheikh Kutb who grew in money and power

It was during this time, around mid of 18th century CE, that Waris Shah, a great Punjabi poet is believed to have arrived in Malka Hans. Waris Shah, during his stay here was to compose Heer, to be regarded as a milestone in Punjabi literature.

Things to Explore in Malka Hans:

As mentioned earlier, Malka Hans have been of great importance in the Mughal`s reign and later was attacked by Hindu and Sikh rulers and was conquered and ruled by them too. The history of Malka Hans have much diversity in it. There have been Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims and lived peacefully for ages. Later, the Hindus and Sikhs moved to India and other areas during the partition of Sub-Continent. Malka has also got fame by the arrival of the great sufi poet Warish in 18th century CE. In the town, you must have a native friend to let you all the historical places. Below, I am mentioning the must visit and explore places in Malka Hans.

Masjid Waris Shah:

Masjid Waris Shah is the main attraction in Malka Hans town. It is located in the center of town. You have to pass through many narrow streets to reach at Masjid. The Warish Shah Mosque is named on the the great Punjabi writer, poet Waris Shah , who wrote HEER , which later regarded as big milestone in Punjabi Literature.

Masjid Waris Shah

The Waris Shah mosque is very beautiful masjid with three big domes bulging out with green color. The mosque is about 5 to 10 feet below the ground level of town and you have to stepped down and make your back bend to enter the masjid.

A beautiful library is located adjacent to the small courtyard of masjid , where the copied version of HEER is kept. The original version have been taken away by the Archeology Department of Punjab Govt.

Hujra Waris Shah:

Waris Shah compiled the HEER in his Hujra, located adjacent to the Eastern wall of Masjid. Some says that Waris Shah fell into Love with a native girl named Bakhat Bhari , who inspired him to write the HEER ( ALLAH Knows better).

Hujra Waris Shah

Like anybody , I imagined the Hujra ( hut) as mud made small room with small windows in it , where the great poet Waris Shah wrote the HEER. But, contrary to my imaginations , the HUJRA now is a fully marbled with a  Prayer Mat ( Jae Namaz) placed in the center.

Hujra Waris Shah is very famous because of HEER ( A Punjabi tale of Love). You will see many different cloth pieces and other bangle type things tied to the stair support of HUJRA by the fans ans lovers of Waris Shah to fulfil their desires.

The couplets from the HEER are patterned on the tiles at the walls os HUJRA.

Parnami Mandir:

Next to Waris Shah Majid is the historical Parnami Mandir or Parnami temple. The first look at the giant main gate of Parnami Mandir will leave you breathless. The gate to Parnami Mandir much resembles to those of the old gates of Old Lahore. The wooden door with beautiful wooden art is the remnant of the Mughlai style.

There are many compounds and room in the temple. The idols, architecture, mysterious doors and rooms and the stairs must have had the history to unfold by the Archeology department of Punjab.

The natives have occupied all the premises of the Parnami temple and you cannot visit and explore the hidden history of temple without the help of a local friend. The people living in the premises of the temple doesn`t allow strangers to enter.

The OLD Temple:

You have to move out of the main town towards East ( about 3 KM) to visit the old temple. The Old temple once belonged to the Sikhs and they used to worship here. Now, surrounded by the lush green fields of rice, fodder and other seasonal crops is waiting for the Archeology and Architecture department to take care of it and declare it as Heritage asset.

It was so challenging for me to enter in the small buildings of temple and photograph the paintings on the walls. The wall art was in much good state to go back in the history.

Narrow Streets of Malka Hans:

The narrow and unscaled and zig-zag streets of Malka Hans town , much resembles to those of the Old Streets of Walled city of Lahore. If you are a street photography lover, you must have a visit to this historical town. The wooden art at doors creat the real cultural environment.

Dr. Ali Hans

Contact Dr. Ali Hans (Chief Editor and CEO of  ⇒ from Malka Hans. He Has extraordinary grip on the History and Archaeology as well. He is also a good host and can facilitate you in exploring Malka Hans.

Contact Dr. Ali Hans (MBBS) from Malka Hans. He Has extraordinary grip on the History and Archaeology as well. He is also a good host and can facilitate you in exploring Malka Hans.
Narrow streets of Malka Hans
Historical Malka Hans Town have many similarities with walled city of Lahore
another view of Streets of Malka Hans
An-old-wooden-door in Malka hans