Head Trimmu or Trimmu Barrage : The Best ever Picnic and outing place to enjoy Nature

Boating at Head Trimmu

Boating adventure at Head Trimmu, Jhang

Head Trimmu is a great picnic and adventure spot besides supplying irrigation water to Punjab through mighty link-canals. River Jehlum meets river Chenab here, a big reservoir for irrigation and electricity. Head Trimmu is just 22 KM away from the district Jhang in Punjab. From Lahore you can reach there via Motorways (M-2 and M-3). It takes about 3:30 hours to reach Head trimmu from Lahore.

We were in Jhang with a friend. Talha, a very hospitable and jolly person and friend of friends, lives in Jhang and on special demand he promised us to have visit to Head Trimmu.

It was Saturday, we headed to Head Trimmu from Jhang city via highway and took us hardly 20 minutes to reach by there.

It was sunny day, there were hardly a few visitors at Head Trimmu. The work on the Hydral power plant was at its peak. All canals from Head Trimmu were running fully.

Our main purpose to visit Head Trimmu was to experience the Boating on the upper side of Head in the million of cubic water. You will see no pedal boats on upper side. The pressure and quantity of water does not allow pedal-boating.

Our host Talha talked to a boat owner and we all five jumped into a big colored boat with a capacity of ten to fifteen passengers. The boat-man started the engine and landed his big boat in the cold and muddy waters of Head Trimmu. It was about 12 P.M and sun was at its peak. Though in November it gets cold in Pakistan, but probably, global warming having its severe effects all over the world.

In the start, I tried to capture photos of my friends, but soon, realized that, sun is just up the heads and even my DSLR was unable to take good portraits. The pictures was coming so rash and shiny that we took out our mobiles and taking selfies.

The boat-man took us to a long route into an dreamy place ; where the water lilies and other water flora was presenting an eye-charming views. It felt like we are in some island. The deep silence was making the environment more soothing and calm. For a while, we all lost in the nature. For a while, I closed my eyes and imagined like I am in the beaches of Thailand. The surroundings were just amazing and fulfilling an adventurer and nature-lover all dreams.

After taking some beautiful landscapes of up-side of Head Trimmu, our boat-man turned the boat back to the point where Jehlum meets Chenab. It was stunning view of seeing two mighty rivers merging each other.

We asked the boat-man to stay the boat on a small piece of land in the middle of the Head Trimmu. It was just like an small island in a big sea. Some extreme nature lovers had set their tents there and were enjoying camping and fishing in the island. They had solar-plates to recharge their cell phones and all essential equipments of fishing and swimming ( big tubes etc.). They had also arranged sufficient raw food stuff to cook fresh fish from the deep waters of Head Trimmu.

Taking some selfies and group photos, we headed back to our starting point just besides the main bridge of Head  towards the direction of water. After reaching, the boat-man demanded for 750 rupees. Oh man ! that were too much for what we boated and explore the dam. Actually, our Host Talha, did not set charges before and now was suffering. Always pre-deal before sitting into the boat. The normal rates are not more than 50 or 100 rupee per person. By the way, after having an hard bargaining, our deal finalized in 550 rupees. So, once again, I advise, always final the deal before starting your adventure or else you`ll have to pay extra.

Now, our tummies were waiting for the fresh and delicious fish of the rivers. Our taste buds were too anxious to taste the fish from  the river. There was no shop near the bridge, so we moved back on to the Jhang and after 2 or 3 KM there saw a long row of fish shops selling and serving the fish to passers-by and visitors.

Talha, our host, selected a well reputed shop and parked the car. A variety of fishes was there in-fornt of us. After a short discussion and on shopkeeper`s advice, we order for Kala Rahu ( Black Rahu) and sat on chairs. It took hardly twenty minutes and we served the delicious fried fish in Karahi with basin and many other spices. Yummy …! The taste of the fish was taste-buds satisfying. The way they fried the fresh with balanced spices was no doubt of unquestionable.



If you are going first time in the fish market, just don`t get confused and choose any shop and order.The taste and way of serving fish is almost same of all the shops.

We had got short time to completely explore the barrage. If you are visiting Head Trimmu or Trimmu Barrage in near future, must do boating, fishing and camping in the night to full enjoy and get yourself calm and feel sooth in the cold brazes coming straight from the fresh waters of Jehlum and Chenab.

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