Enjoy the Chilam Joshi Festival 2017 with these Private Tours Agencies at affordable Package

Chilam Joshi Festival is one of the most cultural enriched festival in the Kalash Valleys of Pakistan. Kalash Valleys also famous as The Sole Pagan Valley of Chitral and Kafirstan. Kalash Tribe welcomes the new season by celebrating their festival. Chilam Joshi is the Summer Festival of Kalasha Tribe.

Chilam Joshi Festival Kalash Valley of Chitral

Chilam Joshi Festival is celebrated in the mid of May every year in the Bumburet Village in Kalash Valley of Chitral. Dance , songs, live marriages, colorful dresses, beautiful head dresses, handicrafts, leaves throwing, music, vine and every thing which cheers the life is an integral part of this festival.

Chilam Joshi Festival or Chilam Josh Festival is celebrated each year in Kalash Valley. The festival is attended by many tourists not only from Pakistan but from many other countries as well. Tourist come to this festival to enjoy the village life, traditions and culture of the people of Kalash. The people of Kalash are very friendly and have rich culture to know about. The weather is awesome in this valley and people love to enjoy this festival. All types of facilities are available for the tourist to stay and enjoy healthy foods at the valley. The tourist while having tour in Pakistan love to attend this event.

Chilam joshi festival is celebrated by the local people in the way that they spread milk on their gods before the cultivation season starts as this is the style of their pray to make sure the their fields are safe.

How to witness this colorful Festival?

There are two ways to go to Kalash Valleys , either go on your own or join an private touring company. Both are best options , but if are looking for ease and comfort, go for private touring company. In case your are managing at your own, read my this previous post on how to reach Kalash Valley with minimum budget.

For those who are looking for an affordable package from Private Tour Operators. Yes, this post is for them for sure. I have collected plans of almost all Tour companies for your ease.  The average package of all companies is approx. 15k ( Rs.15000.

Here is the  list and link to the Chilam Joshi Festival.

1-Trekkrs Club

Hurry up! Join us for the most awaited trip of the year. 5 Days Trip to Kalash Valley, (13th – 17th May) | Booking Deadline: 5th May – 17) 17 Seats Already Booked…….
Dial now: 0423-5787503 | 0321-4855418 | 0317-3331994 | 0332-4083055
Event Details:
Trip Cost: Lahore: 13,500 | Islamabad: 13,000
–Karachi People Can Join Us either In Lahore and Islambad.
–We can Arrange Travel Arrangements, Hotel Accommodation & Pick & Drop On Request.
—For Couple: 5000 extra

2-Heaven Quester

5 Days tour to Kalash Valley to explore the beauty of Kalash, Chitral and enjoy the Chillam Joshi Festival (Famous Kalash Festival)

Date: 14th May – 17th May
Registration Deadline: 5 May 2017

From Islamabad: Rs.13,000/- per head.
From Lahore: Rs.13,500/- per head.
From Karachi: Rs.17,500/- per head.

Group of 5, avail 5% discount on all seats.
Group of 10 and above, avail 10% discount on all seats.

Booking Advance: Rs.5000/-

Office: 051-8446336
Cell: 03345260974 – 0346-1189936 – 0315-5125977

Kids age 5-10 : 50% charges and given jumper seat.
Kids age < 5: Free and given jumper seat.
Separate Tent: Rs.600/- per head additional

3-Tour in Pakistan

Lahore: 15500/-

Islamabad: 14500/-

Karachi: 29000/-

Discount Policy:

Group of 5 will avail 5% Discount.
Group of 10 will avail 10% Discount.
Group of 15 will avail 15% Discount.
50% Discount for Children above 5 and Children below 5 are free.

For Couples:

3000 Extra (Separate Room Changes)


Accommodation will be provided on sharing basis. Anybody uncomfortable with sharing can pay extra for separate rooms.

Participant joining from Karachi will get 2 days accommodation in Islamabad.

Pick and Drop:

Lahore: Daewoo Bus Terminal

Islamabad: Hotel/Airport or Daewoo Bus Terminal.

Karachi: will join us at Islamabad.

For more information : Tour in Pakistan

4- Adventurer Treks and Tours

Join the most Colorful Trip of the year with the most experienced tour organizers. Chillam Joshi Always Awaits . ( 13 May – 17 May , 2017)

Call for Booking & Information :
Office: 042-35781226 (11 am – 7 pm)
0301-8440692 | 0307-4446428 | 0321-1428168 | 0311-1099771
#Registration #Deadline: 05 May 2017
(Limited Seats Trip – Don’t Wait for the Deadline)

Why Choose Adventurer Treks and Tours Package ?
•Good value for money. The most decent and economical package in the whole market.
•Highly experienced in managing camping setups. We have our own camping equipment of 100+ which is the reason of our cheap rate for this trip.
•We will bring our Professional Local Lahori cooks to provide you the best taste in the remoteness of mountains. Soups, Kashmiri Tea, Halwa Pori, Sindhi Biryani, Qorma and What not ?
•Have been taking this trip since last 5 years. In 2016, successfully managed trip of 110+ persons.
•So, Choose wisely 🙂
~Package from #Lahore : 13700/- per head
~Package from #Islamabad : 13200/- per head

~Package from #Karachi: Join us from Lahore or Islamabad. Accommodation and travel arrangement can be arranged on request.

–Group of 5, avail 5% discount on all seats.
–Group of 10 and above, avail 10% discount on all seats.

—Kids age 5-10 : 50% charges and given jumper seat.
—Kids age < 5: Free and given jumper seat.
–Separate Room for Couples: 600 per head additional
Event Details: web.facebook.com/events/1076391835817011/

5- Royal Adventure Club

Package Details:
Rs. 11,500/- per head from Islamabad.

Only from Islamabad.

Detail of Event ; get Here

6-Punjab Adventure Club

#Booking Start Now : 03247663111 – 03324564444
COST FROM #LHR : 15,000, FROM #ISB : 14,500,
#Transport #QualityMeals #Accommodation All Included #About Festival:

Chilam Joshi festival of Kalash valley is of three days. It starts at Rumbur valley and then move on to the other valleys i.e. Bhamboreet and Barir. In this festival Kalashi people pray for safety of their fields & animals before leaving to their fields and for this purpose they spread milk on their gods
——————————————————-Number of Days: 5
Tour cost from Lahore : Rs 15,000 / person
Tour cost from Islamabad: 14,500 / person
**In case couple needs separate room, Rs.2000/- per head additional will be charged
Tour Dates:- 13th May,2015 —— 17th May,2017

Contact for Registration:

Last Date of Registration: 4th May, 2017


Join Team Destida this May to witness The Sole Pagan Tribe “Kalasha” of the Hindukush Mountain Valley enjoy their Chilam Joshi Festival to welcome Spring.

Cost & Conditions:

Group A – 6 Days 5 Nights (Includes exploration of Bumburet & Rambur Valley)

Group B – 7 Days 6 Nights (Includes exploration of Bumburet, Rambur & Barir Valley)

Cat-A (Standard Package)
Toyota Hi-Roof & 4by4 Jeep’s (Lhr-Isl to Chitral-Ayun & return on Toyota Hi-Roof)

Plan A: Luxury camping at our very own Destida BnB Kalash Valley Resort & Cottages
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.25,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.30,000/-

Plan B: Hotel accommodation in Bumburet
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.35,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.40,000/-

Cat-B (Luxury Package)
SUV or Toyota Land Cruiser / 4by4 Jeep’s

Plan A: Luxury camping at our very own Destida BnB Kalash Valley Resort & Cottages.
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.55,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.60,000/-

Plan B: Hotel accommodation in Bumburet
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.65,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.70,000/-

CAT-C (Royal Package)
By Air from Islamabad to Chitral & return & SUV or Toyota Land Cruiser / 4by4 Jeep’s

Plan A: Luxury camping at our very own Destida BnB Kalash Valley Resort & Cottages.
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.75,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.80,000/-

Plan B: Hotel accommodation in Bumburet
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.85,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.90,000/-

Plan C: Hotel accommodation in Chitral
Cost: 6 Days Package Rs.100,000/- & 7 Days Package Rs.110,000/-

Clildren under the age of 3 are free, above 3yrs 50% cost and Above 10yrs would be considered an adult.

Cost Includes:
1. Destida’s trip logo branded Cap’s.
2. All Transport: from Lahore & Islamabad.
3. Accommodations: Hotel’s & Destida’s Private Camping site in Krakal, Bumburet.
4. All meals during travel and at the camping site.
5. All entry tickets and daily guided tours.
6. Permission and formalities involved to visit area.
7. Baggage: Max 20kgs allowed 1 backpack & 1 small daypack allowed, no suite cases allowed.
8. Note: Extra luggage will be charged @ Rs: 250 Per kg. (subject to space and is be informed in advance)
9. Destida’s Professional staff – supervising/performing the operational handling.

For more detail : Visit Destida

8- Hunter Adventure Club


PKR 14,500 from Islamabad
PKR 15,000 from Peshawar
PKR 15,500 from Lahore

For Detail Go here

9- Climax Adventure Pakistan

Accommodations: 2 nights hotel & 2 nights Camping

Package Cost
Rs.16,500/per person (Joining from Islamabad)
Rs.17,800/per person (Joining from Lahore )
Rs.19,500/per head (For couples with separate room)

Discount is available for the students

For Details : Visit fb page of CAP

10-The Trekkerz

—Departure from Lahore: Rs.13,900/- per head.
—Departure from Islamabad: Rs.13,500/- per head.
—Karachi Participants can join us from Lahore or Islamabad.

For detail visit here

There are lot more other Tour Groups arranging a tour to Kalash Valleys for Chilam Joshi Festival. Here, we have shared only 10 of them. If you want to have a look on all other Tour Companies too , you can go here, click on their facebook page and go to events.