Derawar Fort Cholistan: An Unknown Wonder of Pakistan

We all have heard of the Shahi Fort (Shahi Qila) Lahore , Badshahi Masjid, Minar-e-Pakistan, Rohtas Fort Jehlum,Harpa and many other wonders of Pakistan. But, a very less ratio of Pakistanis and international tourists know about the man-made marvels where most crowds don`t stray??

Derawar Fort Cholistan – Photo Ikram Malkera

Derawar Fort, Cholistan, Pakistan

A fortress of monumental proportions, Derawar’s 40 stunning bastions rise from the desert in a striking square formation. Combined, the fort’s walls form a circumference of some 1,500m and stand some 30m high.

Derawar Fort is a magnificent structure in the middle of Cholistan Desert. The Fort is a great wonder of architecture build by the old Nawabs and Kings of sub-continent.

Despite the historical and cultural importance, many Pakistanis don`t know much about this stunning place. In the recent few years, though, the trend to discover Derawar Fort has increased. Now, the backpackers, tourists, bikers, hikers, trekkers, universities exploring societies, commercial touring companies have started exploring this place.

Social Media is playing the key role to unveil such magnificent places in Pakistan.The foreign tourists and backpackers, now have started visiting the Derawar Fort.

Shai Masjid– located in the front of Derawar Fort on the same architectural designs as Shahi Mosque Lahore. Some , even says that its the copy design of Badshahi Mosque Lahore- just samll in area.

There are also other many tombs of Nawabs and Kings who ruled this area for long time. The tombs are also woth-seeing-with great architecture.

How to reach Derawar Fort?

Derawar Fort is located about 90 minutes drive from the Bahawalpur city. You just need a guide or local friend or some who have already been there. The route is mostly good in condition. From motorcycle to Mehran and Mehran to Vigo, every vehicle is good for the route. I have seen a lot of school trips on big buses there.

A day-long tour is must to completely discover this Wonder.

Visiting Bahawalpur and Derwar Fort is a damn great idea in winters – when the snow and landsliding in Northern areas of Pakistan.

Entrance to Derawar Fort

Other Attractions near Derawar Fort:

If you are planning to stay a night there- you are thinking definitely great. A beautiful hut is present there just a 1 KM from Fort where you can stay at night. Local singers will amuse you in the cold night around the fire with their classical songs.


A hiking track is also made by Arab Princes. Locals can also trek on the route which is about 5 KM in the desert.

You will also witness the unique cultural life style of Chilistani people- making traditional items in their huts.