Best Movies on Travel every Travel Enthusiast should watch

A traveler is one who keeps planning exploring new places and  experiencing new things in life. A traveler is not bound by the borders and specific places to visit like a typical tourist. Every traveler needs some inspirations to set new travel goals for himself.

For many reasons, good movies always inspires one by either way. Movies help us setting us many new life goals. A good movie on traveling not only motivates you, but also forces you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the nature and yourself too.

Top Best Movies on Travel Every Nature Lover should watch

Here, I have managed a list of all best movies on travel, which inspired me to conquer the world and understand the true meanings of life, importance of emotions and family, true essence of happiness and perks of being a traveler, hiker, biker, trekker and mountaineer. I hope you would like these movies.

  1. Into the wild
  2. K2 the most dangerous mountain in the world (2012)
  3. Tracks
  4. Captain Fantastic
  5. Wild
  6. The way Back
  7. Sanctum
  8. Point Break
  9. Vertical Limit
  10. The Everst
  11. Cliff Hanger
  12. 127 Hours
  13. Ghosts of K2
  14. Rest of Everest ( Season)
  15. Frozen
  16. Bit Obscure
  17. Cast Away
  18. Secret life of Waltermitty
  19. Fury
  20. The Beach
  21. The Motorcycle Diaries
  22. Long Way Round
  23. Due Date
  24. Midnight in Paris
  25. On the Road
  26. . Baraka
  27. In July
  28. Highway
  29. Touching the Void
  30. Meru
  31. The Wildest Dream
  32. Alive
  33. Seven years in Tibe

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