What American Female Tourist Cassie said on her Visit to Pakistan is really Surprising

“Everyone in the US has negative ideas about Pakistan and fears to visit the country but things are very different. People are overwhelming and loving, I had a great experience here,” she said.

Out of the 192 countries, Cassandra De Pecol has visited so far, Pakistan holds a special place in her heart.

“Pakistan has been the country I like the most and the one I feared the most to visit,” the American tourist, who aims to set a world record by visiting 196 countries in 17 months, said on Wednesday in her first interaction with media in Pakistan.

Cassandra, also known as Cassie, said she found Pakistan contrary to what the media portrays it to be.

On her ten-day visit to the country, Cassie will now be travelling to Lahore and Islamabad.

Cassie started her journey on July 24, 2015, from Palau Oceania with the aim to visit 196 countries within 17 months and has so far visited 192 countries.  Other than aim to become the first female documented traveller, Cassie also wants to create awareness where she goes.

The American tourist gives lectures in universities and holds meeting with students to promote travelling and tourism. “I am also planting national tree in every country I visit and taking water samples from rivers, sea and lakes to test micro plastics in them,” she said.

On her visit to different countries, she is also filming a documentary on education and promotion of tourism for future generations. “The documentary will focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the promotion of education.”

In response to a question, Cassie said she would love to go into space after she is done with her record.

Cassie said the Middle East was her favourite, while she found South East Asia and Africa very different and difficult to visit and travel.

“Visiting few places was eye-opening for me and difficult to even visit,” she said adding that the only country she would like to visit again would be the Maldives.

courtesy : Express Tribune

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